Dear Parents / Carers

There are big staffing changes for September 2019. There will be five teachers on maternity leave in the next few months. We have made the following appointments Mrs Sara Meredydd- Welsh, Mrs Gwenan Phillips –moving to secondary campus to teach  Mathematics,  Miss Mary Griffiths will continue to teach in the foundation phase for another year. Ifan Edwards will be teaching Mathematics for two days a week to replace Mr Alwyn Jones who has been appointed as head of Mathematics at Ysgol Godre’r Berwyn, Bala.

Mrs Manon Williams will be teaching English covering maternity leave. Mr Aled Wyn Griffiths will be teaching a day and a half per fortnight in the humanities department. Miss Lois Evans has agreed to take over the teaching of girls Physical Education as maternity cover, with Mr Huw Williams and Mr Adam Lewis taking the boys PE lessons. Mr Gruffydd Jones has been appointed as PE teacher at Ysgol Bryn Tawe, Swansea. Mrs Eleri Jones recently agreed to teach A level Physical Education  and Miss Iona Thomas was appointed permanently to replace Mrs Eirian Davies who was appointed head of faculty at Ysgol Gyfun Penweddig. Mrs Jane Baraclough and Mrs Elinor Wigley will be teaching Art and Design next term to cover Mrs Catrin Hughes’s maternity leave.

I would like to thank Mr Gruffydd Jones, Mrs Eirian Davies and Mr Alwyn Dylan Jones for their hard work at Ysgol Bro Hyddgen and wish them well in a new chapter of their lives. Miss Lisa Raw-Rees, Mrs Eleri Wyn, Mrs Caryl Morgans, Mrs Angharad Elias and Mrs Catrin Hughes are on or will be starting their maternity leave in the next few months. Best wishes to them all.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s coming to help us out in September.

Mrs Meinir Davies will be retiring following 22 years of service at the school – I would like to thank her and wish her well for the future. Staffing has been a challenge this year.

I would like to explain the proposed staffing structure at the Primary Campus for September 2019. This should be seen in the light of a recently received notice of concern letter from Powys regarding the school’s finances.

Despite making cuts to our staffing, services and departmental spending for the last 4 years, we still need to try to reach the budget requirements.

When schools are funded, it is expected that a class has as near to 30 pupils as possible. On the Primary Campus, we expect 173 pupils to be on role in September 2019.

173 / 30 = 6 classes.

Having classes of 30 children is the norm in many schools in Wales; indeed some classes have 34 or 35 with a support assistant in the class.

We currently have 8 classes on the Primary Campus that could cater for a maximum of 240 pupil; we also have the special Unit called Y Gelli which provides numeracy and/or literacy intervention, as well as specialist support for some children.

Please see below class structure for September 2019

Dosbarthiadau / Classes
Onnen (ID) Bl 0/1 Welsh medium 25
Celynen (MG) Bl 0/1/2 English Medium 16
Bedwen (AW) Bl 1/2 Welsh medium 25
Cyfanswm y CS / Foundation Phase Total 66
Derwen (AET) Bl 3/4 Welsh medium 24
Afallen (AJ) Bl 4/5 Welsh medium 25
Collen (LS) Bl 3/4/5/6 English Medium 30
Helygen (MH) Bl 5/6 Welsh medium 28
Cyfanswm CA2 / KS2 Total 107
Cyfanswm y Campws Cynradd / Primary Campus Total 173

There are a few options how to divide the pupils evenly between classes. The English medium pupils, for example, could be put into two classes as shown above, or they could be evenly shared between the Foundation Phase class, Celynen and the KS2 class, Collen.

However, this would mean that 7 pupils from Year 3 would have to remain in the Foundation Phase.

OR we could go with the preferred option as set out in the table above with the Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 class split in two for the morning lessons:

Collen: (14) Years 5 & 6

New morning class Masarnen: (16) Years 3 & 4

Lessons in the afternoon would include physical education twice a week and swimming and curriculum lessons taught by secondary school specialists every Thursday afternoon.

Morning Afternoon
Monday Collen + Masarnen Collen – Thematic groups with support assistant in class
Tuesday Collen + Masarnen Collen – Thematic groups with support assistant in class
Wednesday Collen + Masarnen Collen – Thematic groups with support assistant in class
Thursday Collen + Masarnen Collen and Masarnen – secondary teachers thematic groups
Friday Collen + Masarnen Collen – Thematic groups with support assistant in class

Generally, the morning lessons will consist of English, Mathematics, Science and Welsh with thematic work done in the afternoon.

We also need to look at the future of the Breakfast Club. See the letter with options for the future of the Breakfast Club that was recently sent to parents.

I’m afraid that we need to make some difficult decisions now in order to try and avoid even more cuts in the future years.

Yours faithfully

Dafydd Jones



Dafydd Jones

Dafydd Jones